Lichen real life?

I have kept a journal my entire life. It was never something I wrote in every day, just when I felt like it. A journal is typically something I have thought of as personal. I never wrote in my journal thinking that someone else would read what I was writing. I always kind of thought about giving my journal to my future kids one day, but that is about it. I started this blog a couple years ago on a whim. I had no real intention when I logged onto wordpress for the first time, other than to just try it out. My first post was about disconnecting with technology to connect with the real world. I was having a crisis where I believed I was spending too much time with technology and not enough time connecting with the real world. Ironically, I was using technology to connect and share this exact message. What makes it even worse is that I never got rid of my smartphone.

One nice thing about paper journals is that nothing in them NEEDS to be solidified. When you share what you write to others around you, you run the risk of looking like a fraud. My blog makes me look like a vegan hipster who frolics around in the woods every day. In reality, I just spent the last half hour scrolling through instagram on my phone, had chicken for dinner, and sat inside instead of on my back porch on this mild summer night. Does this discredit me? Probably. Sharing your writing with others also comes along with the responsibility of practicing what you preach. You never know who will find your posts and bank off of what you are saying.

There are many nights where I feel like writing, and then get stuck contemplating on if I should write about it on here or in my journal. Most of the time I end up in my journal. Maybe I will start writing on here more, maybe not, who knows. Whatever happens I think honesty is something that is really missing on social networks. The internet makes it easy to put up an ideal facade where you can look like you are leading the perfect life, but that is bullshit. Here is a picture of lichens just because I feel like it. I tried to change the title of this post to a pun after I put in the picture. Let me know if it works or not. Peace.


Here is a picture of some lichens I found hiking back in December. Every single lichen is composed of at least two different types of microorganisms (algea AND fungus). They aren’t separate or together necessarily, they combine and work together form a dual organism, the lichen. How freakin’ cool is that. Let’s work together like the algae and fungus of lichens to form beautiful things.

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